Guerra Dental is proud to announce the winner of the Guerra Dental college scholarship. Denim Sendejo, a freshman at Western State College, majoring in Actuarial Science, is the winner of our 2017 scholarship essay contest.

Here is her essay!

Why it is better to go to a high tech dental office?

In a dimly lit room, a heavy medicinal, alcohol scented aroma lingers.  Gigantic, rusty pieces of equipment lie in disarray on the side table.  An old, worn and torn chair stands in the center of the room awaiting its desperate victims.  The horror associated with dentistry is a tale familiar to everyone.  The world that existed without all of today’s modern dental technology sounds like a nightmare.  With the amazing equipment dental offices are providing today, not only are procedures easier to conduct but patients endure a lot less pain.  Thanks to the Cone Beam, 3D Scanner, DIAGNOdent®, Microscrope Enhanced Dentistry, and 3Shape TRIOS, people can confidently smile without stress and suffering.

Digital cameras invented approximately 40 years ago, have advanced so far that they can capture a full video from a cell phone. Cone Beam 3D Scanners are one piece of technology that allow teeth to smile.  It can capture 500 individual images by having X-rays form the shape of a cone and circle around the patients head (Cone Beam 3D Scanner – Colorado Springs Dentist | Guerra Dental).  This technology is specifically beneficial for crown placements.  Not only is this expertise stronger than 50 years ago, but in comparison to similar inventions, the Cone Beam 3D Scanner is ahead of its competition.  CBCT technology’s advantages provide lower radiation doses than other CTs, scans last shorter than 30 seconds do, so patients are more comfortable, and nearly immediate displays of images on a screen are available (Technology You Can Count On).

A hundred years ago, people thought lasers were a thing of fiction; today dental professionals use it as a scanning mechanism.  The DIAGNOdent® is a small laser instrument that scans teeth with a harmless laser light which locates hidden decay (Diagnodent – Dentist Colorado Springs | Guerra Dental).  The scanning tool is used to detect cavities too small to be seen, and diagnoses decay on the chewing surfaces of teeth.  This allows small cavities to be proactively treated and prevent further growth (Technology You Can Count On).  Stopping a cavity from growing at an early stage is essential, preventing serious future dental treatment.  The DIAGNOdent® works by having a pen like probe glide over tooth surfaces checking the health of each tooth.  If a problem is detected the DIAGNOdent® provides a number scale and an alarm signals the operator that there is a sign of hidden decay (Diagnodent – Dentist Colorado Springs | Guerra Dental).  This completely safe laser may save and protect your oral health.

When technology consisted of simple inventions, microscopes were the equivalent of glasses layered with other glasses.  The majority of people have probably smudged their glasses with their fingerprint; therefore, the thought of a dentist wearing smudged glasses does not sound like an ideal situation.  Thanks to microscope enhanced/endodontic dentistry, everyone can feel more comfortable and confident in a dentist’s office.  Microscope enhanced/endodontic dentistry uses a powerful surgical microscope to increase visibility from 10 times up to 24 times and has the potential to avoid endodontic problems months or years before detection by other methods (Technology You Can Count On).  Microscopes recently welcomed to the dental community, include loupes and then add fiber optics to give a more detailed examination over the areas of interest.  By providing correct diagnosis and enhancing patient care, patients are clear winners of micro-dentistry (Microscope Enhanced Dentistry – Colorado Springs Dentist | Guerra Dental).

Scanning is an important part of dentistry.  Dentists know how to fix a patients teeth, but patients do not always understand what the dentist is seeing or doing.  It is important that both the patient and dentist share the same understanding so that they can form a mutual appreciation for pending procedures.  The 3Shape TRIOS®allows patients to be able to view their teeth in a way that adds a better understanding of what their teeth look like up close.  The 3Shape TRIOS®is a machine that a dentist puts into the patients mouth that grabs an image of the clients teeth and displays a copy onto a screen in real time.  Patients will love it because it is reduced time in the chair, comfortable, and gives accurate real-color impressions (Impress your patients with 3Shape TRIOS®).

The first thing people notice about someone is his or her smile.  It is wonderful to be able to achieve a glamorous smile painlessly and with minimal effort.  Crowns are easier to manage due to hundreds of pictures captured by the Cone Beam 3D Scanner.  DIAGNOdent® helps rescue your teeth by stopping the growth of smaller cavities and plaque buildup.  Microscope enhanced dentistry can help a patient’s life become easier by avoiding endodontic problems.  Lastly, the 3Shape TRIOS® help to weld the relationship between a dentist and a patient as they embrace a mutual understanding.  Thanks to technology, the future of dentistry can be as bright as their patients’ smile.



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