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Pain Free Tooth Extraction

If you’re in pain and need a dentist in an emergency, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve been providing emergency dental care to people throughout Colorado Springs for over 20 years. At Guerra Dental you’ll find the experienced dentists you can trust to provide tooth extraction in a pain free environment.

Everything You Need to Know About Extractions

When we think about losing a tooth, it’s never a happy conversation, but sometimes, because of dental health conditions, we must recommend a tooth extraction. At Guerra Dental we believe saving your teeth is a top priority, but there are circumstances that happen which preclude us from saving your tooth. Our job is to evaluate your individual situation, guide you through the options available, and provide you with the best treatment available.

Cost of Tooth Extraction in Colorado Springs, CO

The average costs for teeth extractions in Colorado Springs range from $300-$1000. The cost depends on the type of extraction and its related procedures such as bone graft, collagen membrane, local anesthesia, soft tissue, surgical removal for broken teeth, complications that need to be managed and sutures.

Financing with low monthly payments is available for patients without insurance.


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