Dentures in Colorado Springs

Dentures are one of the most common ways to replace missing teeth. They are known by different names including dental prosthesis, false teeth, and dental plates. One of the most common uses of complete (full) dentures is to replace teeth because of gum disease and tooth decay. Complete dentures can be conventional, immediate or implant-retained dentures. Dentures can look very natural depending on the quality and the arrangement of the teeth. Removable partial dentures are for patients who still have some healthy teeth remaining. Replacing missing teeth will benefit your appearance, health, and your chewing and speaking abilities. Dentures are fabricated from porcelain or acrylic teeth mounted onto pink acrylic to form the base or gums. The normal construction of the dentures takes 4 visits (about 3 weeks) which would consist of impressions, a bite try-in, and the finished product.

Denture Care

It is important to take care of your dentures. Dentures alone do not cause bad breath. Proper cleaning involves the removal of dentures and brushing daily. There are also optional soaking solutions that can be used.

It may take weeks until your mouth muscles are used to holding your dentures in place. They may rub against your gums and cause sore spots. If this happens you will need to schedule an appointment with your doctor for an adjustment. Your speech may also be affected. Practicing your numbers and speaking regularly will help your cheeks and gums become familiar to them.

Denture Repairs, Adjustments and Replacements

Patients who try to do their own repairs and adjustments make their dentures worse. A reline, done by the doctor, captures the changes in the topography of the mouth so the denture can be more stable and have normal retention. Other problems can be solved in the office with small and simple adjustments. Replacement dentures are paid for by your insurance every 5 years.

Cost of Dentures in Colorado Springs

Insurance companies normally cover 50% of the cost for this procedure. To find out your insurance benefits please call our Colorado Springs office 719-596-1230

Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures are delivered to you the same day your remaining teeth are extracted. You will need to be seen prior to that appointment to have your impressions made. This will allow our laboratory to have your dentures ready for you. With this service, you never have to go without teeth!

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