Dental Implants in Colorado Springs

Are you missing teeth from an accident or prior decay? If so, it’s time to consider a permanent solution to the problem: dental implants. Colorado Springs, CO residents don’t have to put up with uncomfortable dentures any longer. Dr. Guerra can complete your smile with no hidden fees.

Proven Results from a Caring Implantologist

Not just any dentist can provide dental implants. It takes an experienced implantologist to ensure the best results.

Because Dr. Guerra received advanced training under Dr. Carl Misch of the Misch International Implant Institute, you can feel confident that your implant procedure will fit your mouth structure properly. You can expect the following from the process:

  • A thorough pre-implant exam
  • An assessment of your bone structure and gums
  • Oral sedation options for nervous patients
  • Gum or bone grafting (if either area is inadequate for secure implant attachment)
  • Implant attachment and post-operative healing
  • Crown attachment to implant posts/abutments
  • Continued restorative treatments and follow-up as needed

In order for you to be happy with your implant placement procedure, Dr. Guerra makes certain you understand each detail before continuing with the treatment.

You’ll also learn what the ensuing months will bring, and what your particular implant process may require.

Up-Front Pricing

Although your total costs depend largely on how many exams, procedural visits, X-rays, and medications you receive, we give you price estimates early in the process.

Your initial consultation is a critical part of the process. To make it go even more smoothly, you only have to pay only $99 dollars upfront. This price also covers your X-Ray and technician fees.

Once you understand what your implant procedure involves, you can make plans to finance your implants through Care Credit—with an interest-free plan for the first 6 months.

Take charge of your smile again. Contact Guerra Dental your general dentist in Colorado Springs, CO for a dental implants consultation today.