Microscope enhanced/endodontic dentistry

Dr. Guerra is proud to offer this level of care for those procedures where micro-precision is critical. Using a powerful surgical microscope to increase visibility from 10 up to 24 times, Dr. Guerra can help you avoid endodontic problems months or years before they could be ever detected by traditional methods.

Seeing what you are doing is the key to great dental work. And Dr. Guerra is proud to offer microscope enhanced dentistry to our patients. Dr. Guerra received his microscopy certification at the Newport Coast Oral Facial Institute. Magnification has improved dentists’ diagnostic and treatment skills for many years. Dentists started to use magnification in their work years ago often mounted to their glasses. Over time, higher levels of magnification became available such as loupes. Eventually, fiber optics were added to the loupes. The bright, concentrated light is focused on the work field. This facilitates the detailed examination of the area of interest.

A huge jump forward came with the advent of the surgical microscope. Microscopes have been used for many years in the medical field but recently have become available to the dental community. Microscopes have been slow to gain acceptance in dental work but we believe they have a huge impact on our patients. The improvement in correct diagnosis, coupled with the ability to provide enhanced patient care, has resulted in the patient being the clear winner of micro-dentistry. We are proud to offer microscopic treatment as a routine aspect of our practice