Sedation Dentistry in Colorado Springs

Now you can actually enjoy—not dread!—your visit to the dentist. Sedation dentistry allows you to be deeply relaxed while your dental work is being done. You will still be conscious during dental sedation, but unaware of the procedure, unpleasant tastes, noises, and smells associated with dental work.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of sedation dentistry is its efficiency. Because dental sedation makes you comfortable, dental work that usually takes six appointments to complete can be done in just one visit. This makes dental sedation a perfect option for someone with a busy schedule.

The process of sedation dentistry is surprisingly simple. Upon arrival, you’ll be comfortably situated in a room where your vital signs will be monitored. Dr. Guerra utilizes both oral sedation and the services of a certified nurse anesthetist for intravenous sedation. Once you are completely relaxed, Dr. Fred Guerra and his team will take care of your dental needs. Depending on the amount of work being done, the sedative will wear off in two to six hours. Then your companion will drive you home so you can enjoy the rest of your day.

Make the most of your time and feel just fine with sedation dentistry.