This New Year, Resolve to Floss

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This New Year, Resolve to Floss

Each year, people across America make resolutions on New Year’s Eve. Many of those resolutions have to do with some aspect of health. But while people often focus on weight loss or incorporating more exercise into their life, they overlook one small thing they could do each day to prolong their life – flossing!

Flossing takes just minutes per day and is an effective way to help ward off a myriad of diseases. So why don’t more people floss each day? Research shows that roughly 20 percent of men and 10 percent of women floss each day. The top reason that people cite for not flossing is being too lazy.

The problem with not flossing each day is that, when you don’t floss, you miss cleaning about 40 percent of your tooth surface. It would be much like watching the palms of your hands but never cleaning your fingers! By skipping the flossing routine, you are giving plaque the perfect breeding ground.

Oral health aside, flossing regularly is also believed to help keep your heart healthy. That’s because the bacteria that flourish between your teeth can make their way to your blood stream and, ultimately, to your heart, which can lead to clogging and inflammation.

So, in 2011, make it a resolution to floss every day. If you do it daily for a month, it will forever be a habit. You won’t want to go a day without doing it. Simply make it a daily part of your hygiene routine. Your mouth and heart will benefit!

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