Teeth Whitening in Colorado Springs

Over time our teeth can stain and become discolored. A return to a beautiful smile could be closer than you think. We offer a safe, inexpensive solution to remove surface stains from smoking and coffee. Whitening Treatment for your teeth is a very simple procedure that can be completed in a relatively short period of time.

Colorado Springs Teeth Whitening Options

There are two methods used:

  1. In-Office Instant Whitening
  2. Take-Home Trays (Customized)


Take-Home Trays (Customized)

We will take full impressions of your upper and lower teeth. These impressions will be made into custom bleaching trays that fit perfectly on your teeth, greatly reducing any possibility of gum damage from the bleaching solution.

The second step is to place the bleaching solution in the trays and wear them for a few hours a day for 7-10 days where you will see a vast improvement in the color of your teeth. Your smile will be bright and youthful. We will document before and after shades so that you will be able to compare the amazing transformation.

Bleaching may not be effective in some cases. It only works for natural teeth and may not adhere to severe tooth decay. We will inform you as to the potential whitening for your specific situation.

In-Office Colorado Springs Tooth Whitening

First, we need to perform isolation. All of the soft tissue surrounding the teeth are isolated with cotton and removable acrylic and covered with protective cream or jelly to protect the soft tissue from any potential contact with the whitening agent.

The second step allows the whitening agent to perform its job once we place the agent on your teeth. This process will occur, over three 15-minute intervals where the whitening gel is removed and a fresh coat is placed.

Whitening results are noticeable after the first interval.

Frequently Asked Questions about Colorado Springs Tooth Whitening

How Does Bleaching Work?

The whitening process is possible due to carbide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide, to freely pass through the enamel and dentin and to permeate all parts of the tooth. These peroxides break down into oxygen radicals, which migrate between the enamel prisms, breaking down any colored molecules that result in tooth discoloration without harming the structure of the tooth.

How Long Does Bleaching Last?

If the patient’s nutrition and lifestyle habits are poor, the procedure may need to be redone periodically. Otherwise, with healthy nutrition and oral habit, the bleaching will last quite long. Anything that will stain a white t-shirt can also stain your teeth. Frequent exposure to staining elements such as coffee, tea, red wine, and tomato sauce can increase the need for dental whitening.

Will Bleaching Cause Tooth Sensitivity?

Yes, it is a common side effect of bleaching. If sensitivity occurs, it disappears after the completion of bleaching. Dr. Guerra offers a pre and post -whitening protocol that helps to decrease the occurrence of tooth sensitivity.

Will Bleaching Weaken the Enamel?

No. The enamel maintains its proper structure and function.