Announcing our Scholarship Winner!

Here at Guerra Dental, we are PROUD to announce the winner of the $1,500 essay scholarship for the 2016 Spring semester! Congratulations to Valeria Duran!! We are so proud of her essay and wish her luck this semester!

Please see her award winning essay below:

“The future of dentistry is here! Most dental offices are evolving into high-tech offices. This is the more efficient way for the patients. They will gain more benefits by having more thorough yet less invasive treatments that will give them better results! High-tech dental offices will also improve accuracy in comparison to other methods and the outcome is almost always predictable.

Cone beam computed tomography has grown so much in the dental world. It gives the dentist many options to choose from. Dentists can place implants; while the patient has the peace of mind of decreased radiation compared to conventional CT scans. In a high-tech office, you expect nothing but the best, so these dentists do their best to provide panoramic and digital X-rays. The panoramic X-ray captures a detailed view of the month that can’t be seen with the traditional dental X-rays. The digital X-rays provide a shorter visit for the patient. In addition to high quality images, it contains 80% less radiation than film X-rays. These X-rays are viewed immediately for more convenience. Digital X-rays don’t require chemicals like film X-rays do, making them much easier on the environment.

People usually dread going to the dentist because they think it will be a long, painful process. Finally there is a breakthrough for those patients! iLase by Violase is a diode laser that delivers short pulses of laser energy. The outcome of it is it provides comfortable procedures for the patients. With the lasers there is less swelling, healing happens faster, and there is no lasting discomfort afterwards. It is faster for the dentist to detect problems and possible treatments in your mouth with the intraoral cameras. These are tiny handheld video cameras that project an enlarged image of the inside of the mouth. It allows the patient to see what the dentist sees.

Crowns and cavities are what most people deal with at some point in their life. Now with E4D 3D technology, the dentists are able to scan, design, and mill restorations in one single day! The software creates a digital model of your restoration that is then processed by the milling machine. The dentist then uses a single block of porcelain to create your new restoration. This high-tech evolution has the benefit of being highly durable and mimics the reflective quality of natural tooth enamel. This cuts down the amount of anesthetic needed and eliminates the need for a temporary restoration and limited eating. For cavities, we now use DIAGNOdent laser cavity detection. This way we can easily and accurately discover decay at an early stage. This is beneficial because we can correct the problem before more damage happens.

When the benefits outweigh the cons for a high-tech dental office, why not achieve it? When properly implemented and fully educated, return on investment can be excellent, increased joy in practicing dentistry can be experienced, and better care for your patients can be delivered. The future of dentistry is now not later.”