Osteoporosis and Decalcification

Osteoporosis is a bone disease that causes bones throughout the body to demineralize and become porous. This puts individuals at a high risk of bone breaks and can cause healing these breaks to take even longer. Because our teeth are bones they can be affected by osteoporosis as well.

Decalcification of teeth weakens them and makes them much more susceptible to tooth decay, fractures and chipping. It will make it harder to keep up with your oral health if you don’t first get your osteoporosis under control.

A bone disease will often not manifest with any signs or symptoms and will often not be discovered until someone has broken or fractured a bone and an x-ray is taken, allowing for their healthcare provider to see the changes in the bone density. Until osteoporosis is under control, dental issues caused by this bone disease cannot be fully managed.

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