Maintaining Healthy Teeth This Summer in Colorado Springs

When you’re having fun in the sun, it can be a challenge to maintain good oral health, especially with all the summer activities and events going on with family and friends. The important thing to remember is that no matter how busy you are, taking care of your oral health and your body should always be of importance. Should you need some help on how you can care for your teeth during the summer then check out this post, filled with tips on maintaining good oral health during the summer.

Maintain Good Oral Hygiene: Make sure that your family brushes twice a day even if you’re away from home on a vacation. If your kids are attending camp away from home be sure that they’ve packed a toothbrush and enough floss and toothpaste to last the duration of the camp. If you and your family go on vacations be sure to pack travel-size toothbrushes and toothpaste for the whole family so that everyone can keep their teeth clean and healthy.

Go for Checkups: Instead of waiting until right before the school year starts, why not schedule a dental checkup for the entire family once the school year ends. By doing this, Dr. Guerra can check to make sure your kid’s teeth are okay, and if not they can get started on treatment. This means that by the time your kids are ready to go back to school, the treatment should be completed or they’ll have gotten used to wearing an appliance if he suggests them to wear one.

Healthy Stocked Kitchen: During the summer it’s mostly hot which means we’re all craving cold beverages and foods to keep us cool. This is when it can be a challenge because we all want things like ice cream and soda to help cool us down. It’s okay to have these things once in a while but too much of it can damage your teeth and cause problems. The best thing you can do to ensure that you and your family maintain a healthy mouth over the summer is to stock your kitchen with healthy foods and produce. Drinking fresh fruit is a lot healthier than consuming soda because not only are you providing your body with nutrients but you’re also protecting your teeth from ingredients in juices that could potentially harm your teeth.

Avoid Dental Emergencies: During the summer is when most people enjoy outdoor activities such as rollerblading, swimming, and bike riding. If you partake in any of these activities or ones similar to them then you might put yourself at risk for some type of dental emergency. You could either fall and hurt a tooth or chip it somehow and that’s why it’s especially more important that you be more careful so as not to injure your body or mouth. Should you have some type of dental emergency then you need to call our Colorado Springs office as soon as possible. One great tip for you while traveling is to make sure that you take a first aid kit not just for your body but for your oral health too. An oral first aid kit would include things such as Dr. Guerra’s contact information, ibuprofen, a small container that includes a lid, gauze, and even a small handkerchief.

Hopefully, these oral health care tips for the summer will help you and your families have a stress-free and healthy smile kind of summer. Should you have questions regarding any of the above please contact us at – 719.596.1230.