Foods That Help Oral Health

Spring is arriving and with it comes many seasonal foods that promote good oral health. What you put into your body affects it in one way or another and here are some foods that you should be eating to help get great oral health.

Firm and crunchy fruits or vegetables are excellent for teeth. As you bite into them and chew them they scrape plaque and help stimulate the gums. Apples, celery, broccoli, carrots, and pears are great choices and they are healthy for the rest of your body too.

Sugar intake should always be in moderation as well as some fattening dairy products. Cheese promotes good oral health and helps to get rid of harmful. Natural fruits are high in sugar, but this is a natural sugar that is less harmful to your body and teeth. However, citrus fruits are highly acidic and can weaken the enamel. Be sure to wait at least 25 minutes after eating them to brush your teeth in order to avoid removing weakened enamel.

There are many other foods that are excellent choices when it comes to promoting good oral health. Whole grains, high-calcium foods, green tea, foods high in vitamin D, and even sugarless gum are great choices when it comes to having a healthy smile.

Should you need more info about oral health and your diet, please don’t hesitate to give our office a call. Dr. Guerra and his team are here to help make sure you eat healthy and keep your teeth healthy and clean.