Do You Have a Latex Allergy?

Did you know it’s possible to have a latex allergy and not even realize it? Latex allergies are quite common and easily testable. Often this type of allergy doesn’t manifest at an early age or even the first few times an individual comes into contact with the substance. It’s usually only after repeated instances of coming into contact with latex before an allergic reaction occurs, and it’s important to note that after the first reaction to latex subsequent reactions will be worse and this is why a latex allergy should be taken very seriously. Since rubber latex is a natural substance found on Earth it’s possible to be allergic to just like any other allergy you may have such as pollen, mold, or pets. There are a few different ways that Latex may manifest as an allergy.

Type I is the most serious reaction and occurs almost immediately after exposure to latex. This causes anaphylaxis, or swelling of the mouth and throat to the point that a person cannot swallow or eventually even breathe. This type is testable by taking a sample of blood. However, because this is only one immune reaction you can actually test negative to the latex allergy and still be considered allergic because symptoms can manifest in different ways.

Other varying types of allergic reactions include skin reactions like the common reactions of dry, itchy, and irritated skin. Other skin reactions include painful oozing and blistering of the skin. If you suspect you are allergic to latex it’s important to find out for sure. If you are then many accommodations can be made for you. Call the office of Dr. Guerra today to speak to a member of our team so we can assist you!