Diagnodent: A Tool to Detect and Correct Tooth Decay

Early detection of cavities, or “caries,” is key to dental health.
DIAGNOdent is a hand-held detection tool that scans your teeth with harmless laser light and searches out hidden decay at its earliest stages. The process of detecting caries (the earliest stages of cavities) is especially difficult with caries often being under the hard surface of otherwise healthy teeth. Locating hidden decay before it destroys your tooth from the inside out is crucial.

Simple and Safe Early detection

X-rays have been part of the process of detecting cavities for decades, but they are limited in detecting subsurface decay or cavities in their early stages. That’s where the DIAGNOdent comes in.

This breakthrough technology is completely safe and pain-free and provides instant feedback on the health of the tooth. It looks like a pen attached to a small box, and it simply glides over the tooth surface and generates a number and an alarm that the operator can interpret to reveal signs of hidden decay.

It’s quick and reliable and can identify fissure caries, proximal caries, and even periodontitis. And it’s safe for use with children as well. (Children and adolescents have fissure caries in nearly 80% of all cases, and these caries can be detected more easily with the DIAGOdent pen).

How does DIAGNOdent work?

There are no chemicals or radiation involved. Instead, the DIAGNOdent uses laser fluorescence that actually makes even the earliest stages of tooth decay visible. Clean, healthy tooth structure shows little or no fluorescence and gives lower, ‘safer’ readings on the display. However, even the beginnings of decay became obvious to the skilled and experienced operator, and countermeasures can be taken right away, and more effectively.

Guerra Dental professionals have the experience and the expertise in this unique and powerful tool … and you and your family are the beneficiaries! Check-in with Guerra Dental today, to learn more about the DIAGNOdent’s potential for you and your family.