How does getting older affect your teeth … and how do changes in your teeth and your bite affect your looks and your health? Dr. Guerra at Guerra Dental has the answers, and he and his team are ready to help counteract those effects in a number of ways. Learn all about aging and your teeth right here!

How does age affect you?

It’s simply a matter of time. As the years pass, the stresses put on your teeth take their toll. Over time, your smile ages right along with the rest of your body. Your smile can lose vibrancy due to discoloration, tooth loss, and excessive grinding. Lips begin to sag and lose their elasticity. Gravity and aging make our lower face shrink and sink, resulting in less of our upper teeth showing as we speak or smile. Loss of collagen and diminished muscle tone allow wrinkles to form around our mouth and lips.
  • Night grinding
  • Teeth clenching
  • Discoloring foods
  • Improper bite
  • Poor preventative care
… and so much more can have a major negative effect on your health … and of course, it can get worse the longer it goes on.

How does aging actually affect your appearance?

Here are some of the actual effects on your face:
  • A change in your bite can result in wrinkles around the corner of your mouth.
  • As you age, your jaw may become more narrow. Your smile may seem less full, and spaces may appear on both sides of your teeth.
  • Grinding, clenching and even regular eating over time can cause pain to your bite.
  • Changes in the angles of your teeth can make your face asymmetrical and actually narrow the look of your lips and smile.

What can be done? Consult with Dr. Guerra

Anti-aging dentistry has become an important field of study and treatment at Guerra Dental, and today we can use various techniques and technologies to improve and even reverse the signs of aging. Anti-aging dentists address the issues of wrinkles, cheek support, lip fullness, dark corners, discoloration, and asymmetry. It begins with a careful and thorough examination, including the latest in digital imaging to look at your entire facial structure and the extent of damage that’s already occurred and may occur without treatment. Then we focus on the treatment that can actually repair age-related damage, improve your smile and features, and actually help you look younger.

You don’t have to wait for a problem to occur.

The effects of aging are gradual and long-term, but you can address them immediately. Don’t wait until you have a toothache, infection, or fracture due to aging that has to be addressed. Make your appointment with Dr. Guerra today, so you can look forward to a new, youthful appearance tomorrow.