Regardless of age or stage in life oral health is incredibly important to our body’s overall health. As our bodies age our tissue also begins to change. Older adults can be at a higher risk for gum disease, dry mouth, prosthetic tooth issues, loss of teeth, and diminished sense of taste. However, there are easy and simple ways to help cut these risks and keep your smile looking as healthy as ever.

Always start with good oral hygiene. For genetic reasons, some individuals may be more prone to tooth decay than others. Flossing, brushing, and eating the right foods will not only help oral health but will help keep your body strong and healthy as well, avoiding the many diseases that older adults can be at risk for such as heart disease.

Sometimes older adults can suffer from attrition or loss of tooth structure. This happens as a result of long-term wear on teeth. Teeth can become weakened and cracked and adults can even lose some of their oral tissue. Your dental professional will have available options for you based on your specific case of attrition. Often attrition is helped with dental implants or dentures.

Taking care of your teeth will ultimately keep them and the rest of your body healthier. Don’t let aging ruin your dental health. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Guerra today!